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Birminghams & Frantzens
At left, earliest known picture of Dorothy Birmingham and John Frantzen. Lourdes (?), Iowa, 1933
Family of
Dorothy & John Frantzen &
Sibling reunions
  Family of Rose & Joe Frantzen
Family of Elizabeth & Martin Birmingham
  Dorothy Birmingham's
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Joneses & Patersons
At left, courtship pictures
of Carrie Jones & William Paterson.
Eureka Springs, Arkansas, 1927
Letters from a courtship
Carrie May Jones &
William Paterson - 1928
The first family home
in Webster Groves, Missouri
The toy chest made by George's father
Visits with Roselle
Louisville 2018
Chicago 2017
Bentonville 2016
Louisville 2015
Wilmette 2014
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Reunions of the children of
Dorothy and John Frantzen 2002-2016
Allen's 2017 souvenir book

Frantzen sibling reunions (updated 2-14-2020)
Beginning in 2002, nearly four years after the death of our father, the six children born to Dorothy and John began holding annual reunions: Carmen (b. 1935, d. 2020), Wayne (1937), Mary Ann (1939), Karen (1944), Allen (1947), and Tom (1952). During our parents' lives, we saw each other at events in Iowa, sometimes Thanksgiving or Christmas, Mother's Day or Father's Day. But seldom were all six of us in one place with our parents. Dorothy Mae Birmingham Frantzen died in 1985 and John Victor Frantzen died in 1998. After our father's death, we decided to create our own events so that we would stay in touch. We agreed to keep the reunion to the six of us and our spouses and partners. Five of the six of us were already grandparents with families. The point of sibling reunions was to have an opportunity to spend time with our brothers and sisters, people whom we hardly knew when we were growing up. Carmen was born in 1935 and Tom in 1952, the year Carmen graduated from St. William High School. The younger of us (Karen, Allen, Tom) can barely remember sitting around the family dinner table with our parents and all our brothers and sisters.

The highpoint of our visit is always the chance to sit together in a room and take turns summing up the big events of the year gone by. Long may this tradition continue! I have pictures, and the button below are links to them. Thanks to Irene Frantzen for pictures from 2004 and 2005.

For pictures of the Birmingham cousins as of 2009, go to the 2009 Waterloo link below.
And for a picture from August 1999, go here

(July 2002)
George and I also went to Grinnell to see his friend Clara Denny.

(July 2003)
Our second visit to Decorah included the seed farm outside of town and to the Norwegian Heritage Museum.

(July 2004)


(July 2005)

Carmen and Bernie were not there because Chad and Beth were expecting their first child about this time.


(July 2006)
We had dinner in Decorah and went to St. Ansgar on Saturday to visit the Lutheran Church and on to Osage to visit the Hamlin Garland museum.

(July 2007)

Some of us went to the Russell House in Waterloo and we all went to Cedar Rock to see the Frank Lloyd Wright house (at Quasqueton).
Alta Vista

(August 2008)

We met in Alta Vista for Joleneís wedding.

(July 2009)

We met at the Birmingham reunion in Waterloo, all six of us there. In September we all met again in Elma at the Frantzen reunion (I have some video).

(August 2010)
We met to celebrate Eleanoreís 80th birthday. We were all at her party. Sunday morning we were all present except Wayne and Ellen.

(June 2011)

We met in Dubuque, and all six of us were at the Frantzen reunion in Elma the Sunday before Labor Day.

(July 2012)

All of us except Carmen were at Wayne and Ellenís 50th wedding anniversary party July 21, 2012. A couple of weeks earlier all 6 of us were at Cy Haugenís 80th birthday in Waterloo.

(June 2013)
Our first reunion in Wayzata, where Carmen was able to join us for dinner. Earlier that day some of us went to the Walker Art Center.

(June 2014)

We all had dinner with Carmen in Chanhassen and visited her at Presbyterian Homes early that day. We went to the Mill Museum and had lunch at the Guthrie Theater.
Iowa Reunions

(September 2015)

Back-to-back Birmingham and Frantzen reunions (Waterloo and New Hampton). All of us except Carmen got to both of them.

(August 2016)
All of us except Carmen were in Maquoketa and visited in the front parlor of Squires Manor. Karen, Mary, and I visited Carmen in June, and Tom, Wayne, and I saw her in November.
August 1999 at the family gravesite, Calvary Cemetery, Alta Vista, Iowa