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Farm scenes, John and Dorothy Frantzen farm, 1944-1971
Commentary by Allen Frantzen, March 2020

1. 1944, year of Karen’s birth. Carmen, Wayne (holding puppy), Mary Ann. Karen in basket. Note that there is no sidewalk to the house to meet the stairs going up to the front door. Wash tubs on left side of picture. Large pine trees screened the house from the road, seen upper right.
2. 1952, year of Tom’s birth. Tom and Allen in iron “lawn chair,” west side of house. Note that the whole house has been raised up from the 1944 picture. There is now a cement block foundation that is not visible in the earlier picture. The basement was enlarged and electricity put into the house in 1947, the year I was born.
3. 1955. (Nov.) Karen in distance by egg house (b. 1944). Allen, back to camera (b. 1947). Tom facing camera (b. 1952).
4. 1956. Tom and dog atop dog house, granary with its sharp “Z” upper door to the left, a wagon in front of it; chicken house to the right. Possibly Wayne with Tom? The headless figure is too big to be me at 9, I think, and I could not have managed the dog, which is, much bigger than Tom, up there.

5. 1958. Two pictures of me, one with Tom, wearing mother’s straw hat and camping it up. One shows that the row of trees along the road has been felled; the other shows the pine trees north of the garden still standing and a nice growth of sweet corn.
6. 1959. Allen on swing, large barn door open behind him, granary behind. Not sure where the swing was; I don’t remember any trees that close to the barn.
7. 1959. Dad and mom in 1956 Chevy Bel Air. Looking east; you can see that the big trees visible in 1944 picture (#1 above) are mostly gone.
8. 1959. Mom in straw hat in the garden, looking north; grove behind her looks thick.
9. 1960. Tom and Fluff (“fuff”?), our dog (not same dog as #4 above). Looking south, rear fender of 1940 Chevy visible left edge. Corn crib, wagon outside it, right edge.
10. 1960. Mom wrote “ready to shell corn” on this picture, but I think this is a mistake. Picture is looking north, edge of east porch visible left edge of painting. I think this iron-wheeled machine is a thresher, not a corn sheller. If you Google “threshing machine” you will see dozens like this one. But I could be wrong. July would be early for threshing.
11. 1962. House in April, the note says. You can see the raised foundation of the house; the window to the right of the front door, visible in #1 1944, has been closed up.
12. 1962, again, “early April.” Wagon in front of granary; barn at left, big door closed.
13-15. 1971. 3 pictures to give an idea of presence of trees around the farm. All pictures of dad and Tom showing, variously, barn behind Tom, chicken house after a storm felled a large tree, dad and Tom by the corn plow pulled by the Oliver tractor, corn crib behind them.

March 20, 2020