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1940 and 2017: Pirate chest for George and William Paterson
made by their father

George's commentary
The "pirate chest" is brand new in this photo from February, 1940, and I am 5 years and 4 months old. As I write this in May of 2017, we are both on our way to becoming antiques. The maker and decorator of the chest, my pipe-smoking father, is also present in the photo, as revealed by his shadow on the bricks.
Dad built the chest as a place where my brother and I could store toys, including the large collection of building blocks that he hand-cut for us. Although he lived until 1971, Dad never owned a power tool of any kind, so this project was accomplished entirely with a hand saw, a hand-cranked "brace and bit" drill, plus hammer, screwdriver, and paintbrushes.
Photo taken in the garden of 115 West Big Bend Rd., Webster Groves, MO (an address later redesignated as 115 Baker Avenue). The house still stands in 2017, but the lovely brick-walled rock garden with its wisteria arbor has unaccountably been demolished.
This note written on 5/21/2017 by George R. Paterson, born 10/10/1934, son of William Ewing Paterson and Carrie Mae Paterson, brother of William Ewing Paterson, Jr.

Left, above: Dad's shadow, with pipe.
Left, below: George at 5. Note the small arched recess in the brick wall behind George, center of picture

The chest is still in the family, see here in 2017