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Birmingham Family Group Pictures
The Family of Dorothy and John Frantzen
The family of Elizabeth and Martin Birmingham 1951

Taken at the funeral of Elizabeth Falada Birmingham, June 1951, Lourdes, Iowa.
Mary Ellen, Dorothy, Adrian, Sr. Martin (Violet), Mildred, Martin, Clarice, Harriet, Alphonse, Cyrilla, Audrey, Pat, Sr. James (Eleanore).
This was the first time the brothers and sisters were together as adults, having never all lived under the same roof.
Al Birmingham's Easter surprise, 1946

Al Birmingham (1926-2009) fought in the Philippines during World War II. He returned to his home at dawn on April 21, 1946, stepping off a train
in Elma, Iowa, that he had boarded the day before at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Nobody knew that he was on his way. For more, go here.
Birmingham Reunion 2009

Front: Cy Haugen, Eleanore Kilcoyne. Row 2: Liz McGinnis, Tom and Pat Sisul, Karen, Mary Ann, Carmen, Rose Chihak, Wayne.
Row 3: Joe Birmingham, Liz Neunsinger, Mike Birmingham, Diane Birmingham, Chuck McGinnis, Allen, Dan Haugen, Al Wade, Tom.
Birmingham Reunion 2015

Seated: Wayne and Pat Sisul. 2nd row: Mary Ann, Ellen Whalen, Cy Haugen, Bridget Schroeder, Karen.
3rd row: Francis Nibaur, Tom, Allen, Jerry Sisul, Liz Neunsinger, Tom Sisul. Both group pictures above take in Waterloo, Iowa.
The family of Dorothy and John Frantzen, picture taken in 1983 or 1982.

Tom (b. 1952), Carmen (1935-2020), Allen(b. 1947), Wayne (b. 1937);
seated: Mary Ann (b. 1939), Dorothy (1910-85), John (1910-98), Karen (b. 1944)
Dad's 80th birthday, Oct. 18, 1990. Celebrated at his home in Alta Vista, Iowa

(Not sure who supplied the cake on the right.)
Below: Tom's beard marks the Alta Vista Centennial, July 30-31, 1994, probable date of the other pictures below.

Taken August 1, 1999