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"He's the toughest machine I ever built."
--Coach Izzy Gonzalez IzzyDuzItFitness at Extreme Kung Fu Chicago



Below, featured boxing book review:
  Gerald Early, The Culture of Bruising.
      (June 2022)

Gerald Early, The Culture of Bruising.

There are 14 essays in this book, 4 of them about boxing. They come to 110 pages, or about one-third of the book. The focus of the boxing essays is clear from their titles: "The Black Intellectual and the Sport of Prizefighting," "The Unquiet Kingdom of Providence: The Patterson-Liston Fight," "Battling Siki: The Boxer as Natural Man" (Battling Siki being the ring name of Louis Phal, a boxer from Senegal), and "The Romance of Toughness: LaMotta and Graziano."

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June 2022