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Dorothy Mae Birmingham's Photograph Album, 1927-1933

pages 51 - 73
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Page 51. Two pictures of Eleanore Birmingham, October 1931 and Christmas 1931 (1 year old) Dorothy and Mary Ellen.
Page 52. Undated pictures of Dorothy and Mary Ellen? Same scene “Birmingham creek and grove,” so the area near the farmhouse south of Lourdes. “All in” written on the picture of mother, in a dary dress. Mary Ellen in a had and lighter dress, “Rather cross looking—result of our talk.” Written on the picture on the left: “Remember that Nov. p.m., Sun. M.E. and I walk and eat!”
Page 53. Horse team and wagon; family farm house in background? April 1, 1932. “When Gerald brings [me?] back from Bill’s.” Is this mother? Who is Gerald? Bill? Lower picture: “Thurs. p.m., April 7, 1932.” Two men standing behind 2 teams of horses (there are 4 horses in all). Picture restored to page by AJF 4-18-2015. Stain matches picture above it.
Page 54. Mary Ellen Birmingham sitting on a tree branch. Picture placed on page by AJF 4-18-2015.

Page 55. Two pictures of Dorothy, undated.
Page 56-57: blank and never used.

Page 58. Dorothy and Jack Frantzen with Mildred and Mack McLaughlin (or Paul Beaumasters?). Lower left: five sisters, but who is who? Mildred, far right? Mother, 2nd from left? Clarice in the middle? Close-up below.

Page 59. Upper left. Jack Frantzen (at left, apart from the group) and Dorothy; Mary Ellen and Charlie Chihak; two sisters in the middle, unidentified; Martin Birmingham standing behind Gladys; at far right, either Jack McLaughlin or Paul Beaumasters, same man as is with Mildred, p. 56. Middle picture: Jack, Charlie, Paul or Jack McL, and Martin in bowtie. Right: Charlie, Mary Eleln, Martin, Gladys.

Page 60. Bathing beauties (Eleanore writes), Dorothy and Audrey. Adrian and Al Birmingham in front of the west porch of the farmhouse. Mildred with Elizabeth (their mother) and “chubby little Eleanore” (EK writes). Lower right: unidentified sister.

close-up below
Page 61. Elizabeth Falada Birmingham (Bessie) and her daughters. Top row: Audrey, Mary Ellen; front: Dorothy, Clarice, Harriet, and “Mama,” and then “Little Eleanore” beside Dorothy. “And this too!” Perhaps Mildred took this picture; Bessie and Eleanore seem to be wearing what they have on in the picture with Mildred on p. 58. Lower left: Eleanore on a blanket. Date: probably summer 1932, Eleanore about 2 years old. Lower right: woman in overalls and high heels, probably Audrey (compare her at the upper left of group photo on this page). A loose picture, shaped like a football, fit here, matching the heart-shaped holders on the page. Restored to page by AJF 4-18-2015.

close-up below
Page 62. July 1933: Dorothy and Jack with unknown relatives.

Page 63. July 1933: Mary Ellen and Charlie Chihak with unknown relatives, upper left. Lower right, unidentified couple with man in a tie (their son, I presume); no clue, picture place on page by AJF 4-18-2015.

  Pages 64-72. Blank.
Page 73 below.

Close-up below

Page 73. Wedding photograph. Mother’s note: “On Nov. 14, 1916, Tuesday, I was flower girl at Bessie Nahill’s wedding at Protovin. I was 6 years old, got lots of attention. I felt like a million dollars.” This is the oldest picture of mother I have seen, and it is the one with which she chose to close “Photographs.” It must have been special to her too. I put it next to one from 1931-32, mother outside her schoolhouse (which I flipped to show the similarity). The stance is one I see in all her children.
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