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Dorothy Mae Birmingham's Photograph Album, 1927-1933

pages 31 - 40
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Page 31. Clinton, Iowa: Miss Mac and the W. May 23rd, 1929. This is the same Miss McDermott from p.29. Below: Mother and the woman also seen p. 14. Center: Mother at home, July 1928. Right: three unidentified women. (I don’t think the woman on the left is Dot.)
Page 32. Blank.
Page 33. One removed. Right: Dorothy in Chicago, on Hasting St., with a child. See p. 47, below (a picture from 1930).”Somebody. Hastings St., Chicago, IL. Nelse’s kind.” Picture restored to page by AJF 4-18-2015.
Page 34. Two pictures, one marked “In Garfield Park, Chi”; there isn o date. Mother? And a small boy. Picture on left restored to album by AJF 4-18-2015.
Page 35. Page 35. Mary and Norb, Cedar Falls. In Schley on July 26, 1930. Mary Ellen? And Dorothy with a small boy. Rose Clynch of Chicago and son, arrow pointing to the boy. Right: Marita and Vera, Cedar Falls. “Island Park, P.F.”
Page 36. Mother, “Lonely Dot,” Greene. 1930? [ page removed ]
Page 37. “So hot.” Is that mother on the left?

Close-up below
Page 38. Dorothy on the old Saxxon, Martin Birmingham (her father) on the tractor. A separate copy of this picture includes these notes: "Date approx. 1931. Dorothy in the rumble seat. Martin Birmingham pulling car with tractor down to the river to junk it. Model car: 1917 Saxxon Six." (Down to the river to junk it? Dear me!)
Page 39. Eleanore identifies the woman sitting on steps as Frances Goetz. “Sincerely, Armella.” Des Moines, Iowa. Center: Pine Lake Eldora, Iowa, Sunday, Aug. 10, 1930, Dorothy in dotted dress with Armella Meise, from Williams, Iowa. Down in Betty with Norb & Mary from ISTC, Cedar Falls. On the boat with Tom Clark, editor, a student? Of DMP” (last very unclear). See p. 35 for Mary and Norb in Cedar Falls. Two boys in picture to right, “Don and Fat.”
Page 40. Blank
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