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Dorothy Mae Birmingham's Photograph Album, 1927-1933

pages 41 - 50
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Close-up below.
Page 41. Dorothy’s students at the country school called Paris #6 school, names and faces of 3 are gone, but Lee and Wes are there. No year, but probably 1931-32.
Page 42. Audrey Maurice Birmingham. “At home.”
Page 43. Blank, pictures removed. Picture placed on page by AJF 2015; one of mother's sisters?
Page 44. Blank; pictures removed.

Page 45. Mother at her school, Paris 6, May 2nd. I am guessing 1931 (school year 1930-31). To the right, “Alice Johnson, my favorite.” Note lack of steps outside the door! Close-up below.

Page 46. Blank; pictures removed.

Page 47. Hasting street. Mother in Chicago, with a small baby (1930). (See Memory book, page 32, for a picture taken at the same time [same border], mother with “the nicest little feller” and small child cut off just below his/her nose to the right. Date of Memory book picture is 19 June 1930. Mother was in Chicago from at least 11 June to 20 June 1930. Mildred was 21 at the time, mother 20.) Middle: Martin Birmingham, Jr., May 1931 (age 20). Right: Adrian’s first communion, May 24, 1931. Adrian holding prayerbook.

Page 48. Upper right: Audrey, Harriet, Dorothy. Lower right: Patrick Birmingham. Center: unidentified boy? Upper left: Harriet and Mildred. Lower left. Audrey, Dorothy, ?Clarice, Elizabeth (Bessie, the mother of these children), Mary Ellen, Mildred. (These identifications are anything but certain, Bessie excepted!)

Page 49. A very rare picture of Martin E. Birmingham, Sr. (1869-1946), father of the family, with Al in bowtie and Adrian in their First communion clothes. May 24, 1931 (see p. 47 for another picture of Adrian). Picture restored to page by AJF 4-18-2015.

Page 50. Four pictures: Mildred; below: Dorothy and Mildred. Middle: Sr. Martin (? “Sr. M. Despepsia”) and Adrian. Mother (wearing same dark dress as in picture with Mildred), “In Lincoln Park, Chicago”
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