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Dorothy Mae Birmingham's Photograph Album, 1927-1933

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Page 11. Top left: Mildred Birmingham, dressed up. Mother wrote (upside down): Don’t [be] fooled, it’s only Mil!" other Cedar Falls friends in Washington Park, to right. Below them, unidentified woman. Lower left: Irene, Vera, Mother: "How sweet we are." Probably taken by --? On the same day as the "Beauties" picture, page 4 above.
Page 12. Summer fun in Greene, Iowa. Shell Rock River. "Props we needed," someone printed at the top. Picture of Mary H. and mother, "Dot."
Page 13. Mildred. "Rest in peace." Taken in Ames. (See pages 1-6 above for other pictures like this from 1927.)
Page 14. PICTURE NOTE TAKEN 3 pictures that include Dorothy. Top right, “10 little fingers and 10 . . . toes.” Mother is at the left. Bottom left: mother again at left, drinking, under caption “May Day.” Bottom of picture: “Here’s to the man, etc.” and beneath that, “Hot Stuff. I made it with . . . .” Bottom right: Roses among thorns. That might be mother on the top, but someone has crossed over the eyes with pencil.
Page 15. Dorothy in Greene. 1927. Upper left: “My Guy Roommate” (can’t identify the woman resting on the fence, however). Then, small picture of Irene Shandley, “Ah, my dear.” To the right, Mildred Birmingham in costume, “Home, Mildred,” and around the picture “A turn to the right and there you are.” Word over missing picture, “Impossible, eh”? and “Gone but not forgotten” in the space of another. Bottom: Mildred, with someone’s arm around her. Mother wrote, “An extra hand is useful.” To the right of that, “Who, when, and where?” and next to another empty space, “Why the smile?”
Page 16. Upper left, snow-covered scene. Center: seated, Mary Ellen and J—[or Ethan?] Shandley, “I got an idea” written around it. “The solemnity of it all.” Small, diamond-shaped picture: Dot, ?, and Mildred, with “preposterous, are you not,” written around it. Right corner: “Star Gazer.” Mildred standing behind a car, and Marie looking out.
Page 17. Classmates. Left: Mt. St. Clare, Berenyce Estlseh? Right: “Funny Four,” Dorothy on the left; upper right: Dorothy. Bottom: Cedar Falls, “Old ladies.” Mother on left, with Vera and Irene again?
Page 18. Left: Elma, 2 women and a baby. Center, Mary Ellen Birmingham in checked coat, in Elma, Feb. 1928. Right: Cedar Falls, Iowa, “Climb the steps,” mother on left.
Page 19. Left: Cedar Falls, 915 W. 23rd Street. Dorothy, Vera, Irene (see picture p. 4, one taken by mother). “And a crowd there was.” Upper center: Clinton, May 4, 1929. This was the day of mother’s 19th birthday (“College girls”). Mother is in the last row, second from the left. Upper right: Chicago, Fall of 1928, “Oh yeah!” Heart-shaped picture center bottom: mother on the right. Far right picture: Dorothy on the left side
Page 20. Clinton, Iowa, Mt. St. Clare. Mother front row, 2nd from right, tennis racquet in her lap. Center: Cedar Falls, Summer 1928 (same woman appears p. 18, same clothes). Upper right: girls having fun, “Island party.” No details.