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Dorothy Mae Birmingham's Photograph Album, 1927-1933

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Page 21. Lourdes, Iowa, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, high altar. Bottom: Mt. St. Clare, May 4, 1929. Father Lord, S. J. See p. 19 for another picture taken on mother’s 19th birthday.
Page 22. Blank.
Page 23. Music room, Mt. St. Clare College. Sr. Mary Alphonsus. 1919.
Page 24. Blank.
Page 25. Blank. Photographs have been removed.
Page 26. Hawkeye, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Neiman. Oct. 7th, 1928.
Page 27. Left: M. E. Doherty and Margie Hoyne, Mt. St. Clare, April 1929: “Dancing daughters.” Center: In Elma on May 8th, 1928. Below: To gather we [turn?]. Right: Cedar Falls, 1928. “How could you, Vera?” Vera (seen often above) and Buelah, new to this album.
Page 28. Dorothy and friends in 4 pictures. I think that’s mother to the right, seated on the running board of the car, top left (Newland Motor Co., Center Point – Vinton) and the owner, unknown to me, standing with the same car upper right in Green, Iowa. (Mother was there summer of 1930, according to her Memory Book, p. 51.) “Two in the bush,” center lower, neither is mother; to the right, “I’ll tell you,” woman on left us surely Dorothy.
Page 29. Dorothy’s friends: left, Clinton, Iowa, Miss McDermott and Julia McC. Center: April, Mayview, Missouri. “That will never do, George!” (No one identified.)
Page 30. blank