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Dorothy Mae Birmingham
Memory Book 1927-1932
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Page 38: Tribune Tower post card, pasted down, and looks to be blank. Announcement of Murl Lynch’s wedding to Dr. V. T. Allen in Grinnell, Wed., Aug. 17, 1932.

Page 39: two pasted-down post cards, one a donkey braying, the other a mother nursing on a train.

Between 38 and 39: Menu from Thoreson’s Sweet Shop, no location.

Page 40: Menu from Jonnie Mac’s Soda Grille, Cresco, Iowa, with Irene Shandley, and mother says they had only twenty cents between the 2 of them (Jan. 3, 1930? 1932?) (You could get an “evening lunch” for $.20, according to the menu.)

Page 41: [ blank ]

Page 42: Post card of Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Richmond, VA.

Page 43: Post card of Marquette, IA, with the “pontoon bridge” open; and a pasted-down Christmas card with a swatch of fabric pinned to it.

Page 44: “This is no bull” comic postcard, and a post card from the Kelley Institute, Dwight, IL, a center for “liquor and drug addictions.” Mother took this card from the Cresco Post Office July 26, 1930. The name “Bill Armstrong” written upper left corner.

Page 45: Miscellaneous memorabilia from Mt. St. Clare, including graduation and a play.

Page 46: Newsprint picture of St. Patrick; “Key to memories,” Mt. St. Clare College (MSCC) in 1928-29.

Page 47: a place card, a pin, and a fork are attached to this page and the “key” on p. 46 identifies them. But unfortunately the “key” is very hard to read—is the fork #14, “always ready to chew” (obscure jokes, one and all).

Page 48: a large “slicker” card and a small Christmas card

Page 49: Iowa State Teachers College Motion Picture Program Summer 1928. Mother notes what she saw and in one case note that she was home for the weekend. Behind it there is a note “Congratulations from James E. Gilligan,” the fellow mother apparently was dating after high school (he was a year younger than she was).

Between 48 and 49: Mother’s post card (below) from Green, Iowa, to Mrs. M. E. Birmingham, Aug. 2, 1930, --can’t read the month too clearly but the reference to threshing suggests Aug.


Page 50: The Lafayette Hotel in Clinton (where MSCC held a banquet, mentioned p. 45)

Page 51: a very strange letter from somebody with various remarks about virginity, but it’s not signed unless by “Jewel.” I don’t see a date, either; written in January? There’s a reference to a recent New Year’s Eve. Theater tickets, and a sentence from the Gettysburg Address: “The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here,” misquoted as “what I say here, but it will never forget what we did last night, stold green apples.” Eleanore thinks this was a hoax, young girls—flappers—trying to sound wicked:

The envelop is under the note, which is opened here, but upside down.

Page 52: Programs from 1928, Elma and Cedar Falls. (Back from Clinton days to Elma.)

Page 53: A poem about seniors, presumably from ICA, at a banquet for juniors and seniors? Dorothy is mentioned at the end: “Now Dorothy so young and fair, says let the world go on she has no care.” Two poems.

Page 54: Elma theater program “See yourself on the screen.” Promises thrills from Africa, including a native eaten by a lion and pictures of people in Elma (how?).

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