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Dorothy Mae Birmingham
Memory Book 1927-1932
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Page 11: “Movie gossip.” Notices of movies mother saw (summer 1928?), with pictures of her favorite actors and actresses (Fay Wray, Gary Cooper, among many others).

Page 12: “Movies I’ve seen in 1930”: 18 films listed, with a picture of “America’s sweetheart," Mary Pickford.

Page 13: My favorite books and authors (40 titles).

Page 14: More books, extending to 1932 (the last date I have seen written here)

Page 15: "Music hits"

Page 16: Mother sang in Our Lady of Lourdes Choir; she lists others who sang and includes a program from the Columbia College, Dubuque, Iowa, vested choir, which she heard in New Hampton Tuesday, May 15, 1928 (much of it a capella). Columbia College was the name of Loras College from 1920-1939, when (the centennial of its founding) the present name was adopted (Wikipedia, seen 28 March 2015).

The Columbia program opened.

Page 17 (first black page). Notes on dances mother attended during her senior year, 1927-28. Notes made in white diamond shapes mother drew on the page. The photo below gives the full text of mother's note about a dance on April 11, 1928.

page 17 closeup
"Irene [Schandley] and I primp all evening. Go up finally. Resting peacefully when music starts. In all due haste make a bee line through the kitchen. Call up [Dan --?] McGrane from drug store. Go back to dance."

[What kind of crisis was this? There is an Earl W. McGrane whose name card appears on p. 24. So they decided to call a boy they could dance with, or what?]

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