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Dorothy Mae Birmingham
Memory Book 1927-1932
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Page 55 (three images above): newspaper clippings of 2 weddings and some additional clippings and a curious letter, beginning "My dear," and going on in a mysterious way. "You must not be dogging me for not writing. I am a very busy woman . . . ."

Page 56: newspaper clippings, and note "Strictly Germ-proof"!

Page 57: a card “to a student."

Page 58: Mother's writings

Page 58: 4 pieces of mother’s writing, including one poem about a night out; one parody (of what I don’t know). All typed. All very obscure.
This is the last of them. "composed and typed by Dot," it says.

Page 59: another chaotic page:

Page 59: Newspaper clippings about two notable women, in mother's eyes, and a curious cartoon. I wonder if about this time mother was dating our father? The cartoon is about kissing and on the next page, 62, there’s a picture of a couple kissing. There’s a loose advertisement for “skin you love to touch.” Eleanore commented on the photo album that we see a transformation of the vivacious young girl into the married matron. That seems to be underway in this album as well. See p. 36, p. 36, p. 55, p. 57, all related to weddings—full newspaper accounts and announcements. The odd letter about virginity might figure into this change as well.

Page 60: the picture of a couple kissing.

After p. 60: a picture of mother and Sister M. Martin at Mt. St. Clare May 29, 1929.

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