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Charlotte, Masetto, Emily
and now with pictures of Musetta from 1998

Between 2012 and 2015 we lost our three beloved kitties. We want to remember them and so wrote short biographies to help us remember our happy days with them. We've got a nice group of pictures going back to their first days with us. Lately we've been digging up pictures taken with film before 1999, so they will be popping up here too, and there are a few on the bottom row of the table below now. Without pictures, memory would not count for a lot!


The kitties over the years:
2013 2010 2009
2008 2007
2005 New!   1999 Musetta 1998

Pictures and short biographies of each of the kitties.

Charlotte (1998-2012)
Emily (1998-2015)

Masetto (2000-2014)
The kitties in their early days with us.
Emily in 2014  
She loves the porch and amazingly stepped out onto the front porch when we put up our "God Bless" sign.
The office window to the back yard is a favorite place.
Finding a hiding place just after the new carpet came.  
Emily and Masetto as summer wanes 2013

Emily springs another surprise and becomes our condo kitty

Emily keeps our picture of Musetta (d. 1998) company.

Emily enjoying the upstairs office

cooling his heels in the kitchen

Right, getting his morning brushing, and below, settling in for his afternoon nap.


Summer 2012: Masetto in his condo (June 2012)

Emily on the porch (August 2012)


Summer 2010

For the first time in, we think, ten years, Emily decided to venture upstairs, a location that became off limits to her(in her own mind) when Masetto arrived in 2000.
But suddenly this summer, there she was, and there, and there, even back on the desk, ready to jump into her homework. She skipped a few grades!


That's Emily the last time she cracked the books (2000).

2012 was the year we lost Charlotte. You can read about her at this link.

Kitties at peace · January 2009

Emily                    Charlotte                       Masetto

July 4, 2008: Emily and Charlotte take to the porch.

Charlotte eyes a shadow with alarm.

Apprehended, Emily takes a dim view of tough love.

Masetto in Charlotte's basket


Kitties around Prairie Ave., June 2007

Charlotte, waiting for her supper and Emily enjoying hers.



A big summer for bugs, as in cicadas, fascinating for Masetto:

May 2007

Kittie poised for Spring: Emily (above), Charlotte, and Masetto

In 2006

Charlotte and Masetto on Allen's desk

Emily takes the evening air

Masetto surveys the garden

December 2005

April 2005

Masetto and Charlotte doing homework

Emily doing homework