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Louisville: historic district
Louisville: downtown
Louisville: War memorials

April 24-26, 2009

Louisville & Kentucky Horse Country

Louisville: The historic district.

The former owner and rehabber of the middle house was our tour guide, and an excellent guide he was!

George's new hat, just right for the sunny weekend. Power lines aside, a great house on the right--but like many in the historic district, no longer a residence.

Lunch at Buck's
Splendid, dark, cool interiors and crisp, even natty exteriors.

The fountain is part of the charm of St. James' Place

Louisville: Downtown.

We had a nice lunch at the very hip "museum hotel" called 21c
--a bit like falling into your Kindle.
A two-way mirror into the men's room.

The wall of portraits reminded us of Rose Frantzen's "Portrait of Maquoketa"

George and his cousin Roselle at Lilly's.

Mr. Paterson & Mr. Brown at the Brown

Along Main Street there are some wonderful old structures awating rescue.


The memorial to veterans of all wars, near the court house.


To World War II Medal of Honor winners  

Outside Louisville, along the riverfront, a different kind of memorial, remembering those in the military who died in peacetime. Bricks are replaced with glass plates bearing the names of the dead.


The old state capitol building.

Lots of nice storefronts in Frankfort, and more on the way.

We found a sensible person in Frankfort, anyway! Let's hope the driver runs for office or edits a newspaper.


At the Raab-Invergo farm

One of the grander barns in the neighborhood.

George & Allen on Georgetown's main street on a very, very bright Sunday morning.