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  Croatian Catholic Church, Rogers Park; St. Igantius, Rogers Park
  St. Ambrose, South Side
  Bronzeville: 8th Regiment

Croatian Catholic Church (Ridge and Devon)
A soldier (left) and sailor (right) kneel before Christ, a fallen comrade in the foreground.

St. Igantius Church, Rogers Park

St. Ignatius wounded in the battle of Pamplona (center; detail at right)

St. Ambrose Church (1012 E 47th St)

Bronzeville: 8th Regiment

The Armory nearby is itself a memorial

Loredo Taft:
The Fountain of Time (1922)
Midway Pleasance

At you'll find the University of Ilinois's usefulwebsite about Taft, including some great black-and-white photographs of this work.