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Laredo Taft, "The Fountain of Time"
  St. Henry's (Croatian Catholic Church), Rogers Park
  St. Igantius, Rogers Park
  St. Ambrose, South Side
  Bronzeville: 8th Regiment

Croatian Catholic Church (Ridge and Devon)
A soldier (left) and sailor (right) kneel before Christ, a fallen comrade in the foreground.
"To the Prince of Peace. In gratitude to our young men who served their country's cause in the Great World-War, this memorial is dedicated by the Parishioners of St. Henry's Church." The names of three men follow, presumably men from the parish. Since no dates follow their names, they seem to have survived the war.

Set close to the church, it is an easy memorial to miss

St. Igantius Church, Rogers Park

St. Ignatius wounded in the battle of Pamplona (center; detail at right)

St. Ambrose Church (1012 E 47th St)

Bronzeville: 8th Regiment

The Armory nearby is itself a memorial

Loredo Taft:
The Fountain of Time (1922)
Midway Pleasance

Taft is also represented in memorials (not related to World War I) in Graceland Cemetery in Chicago.