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Southeast New Mexico
August 2014: Carlsbad Caverns; Roswell & White Sands.

A sweeping view from the top--the caverns are, in part, above ground,
encased in a mountain. You drive 7 miles, a lot of it uphill, to get to the entrance.
Hard to get a sense of scale.

The commanding feature known as The Giant, the base of which is
behind my head, upper right, a good distance behind me.
I kept want to say "That looks like an X," or "like X," but I could seldom figure out what X was.
Everything looks like something, but what? Icicles? Wedding cake? Popcorn?

The lighting is very effective, always giving a hint of what lies off the path and out of reach.
For the record, it is very cold down there, and the shortest walking tour takes about 90 minutes. Out in the sun, 93 degrees felt damned good.

  This one could inspire some great sets for various
operas in the Ring Cycle--Niebelheim, Brunnhilde's rock,
Fafner's cave, and so on, the only "warm" shot I got down there.

August 20, 2014