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In July 2006 we held our sibling reunion in Decorah. Some of us went from there to Osage to see the Garland Museum. We also stopped in St. Ansgar (below the pictures from Osage).
Osage & the Hamlin Garland Museum (1860-1940)

Hamlin Garland lived in Osage from 1870 to 1881. Lots of information is available at website of the Hamlin Garland Society
Hattie Garland's grave (HG's sister, d. 1875)

The Museum is the former Northwestern Seminary, where Garland went to school.

St. Ansgar: Lutheran Church (1864)

Construction started in 1851

Those who served in World War I (right) and World War II (left).
Albert Franzen (who diedin WW 1; 2nd colum in right-hand memorial, 2nd last name from bottom) is not related to ourfamily.
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