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2017: The Year in Pictures
Coach Izzy & Tough Allen

Coach Izzy and I crossed the 700-round mark July 5, 2017. Then we switched from 2-minute rounds (doing 6 rounds per session) to 3-minute rounds (4 rounds per session).
We did 5 3-minute rounds for a couple of sessions, and then moved up to 6 3-min. rounds, twice a week.

Pictures above August 2017.

Here's Coach Israel Gonzalez with some members of his boxing team (September 19, 2017).


  Noveber 2017 Coach Izzy & Allen (& Gavin)
Pictures from Nov. 17, 21, 25, 2017

840 rounds and counting


Always honored to salute my great boxing coach, Israel Gonzales, the man behind Izzyduzitfitness. On Oct. 31, 2017, we sparred round #840 (date of pictures left & center above). We started sparring in late October 2015, so it took us 2 years to rack up this number of rounds. It's a good thing the coach can modify his punches or we would have had to stop about the time we started.

December 2017

The Coach is always promising to put some BBQ sauce on his boxers' ribs to teach us to keep our elbows down. I figured it
would be good to give him my favorite flavor, Bull's Eye Original, along with a T-shirt to associate a great coach with a great brand.


Below, left, coach is suggesting the approximate
area where the hot sauce will stick.

About the sauce, Cook's Illustrated (which I think is the best cooking magazine there is) wrote (June 2017)

"In the end, our winner was once again the aptly named Bull’s-Eye Original BBQ Sauce. This moderately sweet, tomatoey sauce offered just enough
spice and smoke, producing a well-balanced medley of flavors with no specific flavor dominating. Our winning product was delicious and versatile,
and it wasn’t too thick or thin. We’ll be using this palate-pleasing sauce all summer long." (Quoted from

March 24, 2019